Game Guide

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Getting Started

All you need in order to start hunting for treasures is the Adventure HUD (Heads-Up Display). The right-most button on the HUD is the 'Dig' button. Just press the dig button, and if you're on a region that's been discovered, you'll get a message letting you know how far away the closest treasure is, and a marker will appear on the map on your HUD that will give you some information that will help you find the treasure. The blue marker on your map indicates your position on your current region. If your current region has not yet been discovered, then you can discover it using a Fortune Hunt claim flag!

There is a limited number of items you can find each day on each region with each map. If you find all of the items on a given region, you can either switch to a new map and keep seeking, or go to a new region.


There are many things to strive for in The Fortune Hunt!

  1. Collect all 100 Maps! To collect all 100 maps, you'll have to collect all of the map pieces from other players, and collect resources on your current map to trade in to unlock the next map!
  2. Collect all 100 resources! Each map gets you access to a new resource, but you can still find resources from previous maps on any given map. However, you have the highest probability of finding the resource on your current map.
  3. Collect all 100 treasures! Each map has access to a different range of treasures. In order to get all 100 treasures, you'll have to get to the upper level maps! In order to find treasures on a given map, you must have leveled up to the level that matches the map. So, you can unlock map #10 and be Level 9, but you'll only find resources on Map #10 until you reach Level 10.
  4. Level up and increase your skills! When you level up, you can choose from 6 skills to increase. See the section below on Skills for more information.
  5. Collect all 600 casts! Certain resources can be used to 'cast' treasures, like gold, silver, plutonium, and a mysterious alien substance that you find later in the game! See if you can make the Alien Ray Gun, or the Golden Piggy Bank! Casting a treasure will reduce your resource wealth, but will increase the value of your treasure hoard.
  6. Collect all of the combinations! Certain resources and treasures can be combined for achievements. Combining a resource reduces your resource wealth, but increases the value of the treasure. Make combinations and trade them with your friends, and see if you can get them all! Right now, there are only a few hundred, but with thousands of possibilities, new combinations may be released at any time!
  7. Build a crew or a squad and compete with other crews and squads! Crews are large, unlimited-size groups. Your squad is you and your 5 closest treasure-hunting friends. See if you can make a squad that can beat every other 6-person team in Second Life!
  8. Discover Second Life! Claim Flags can be used to "discover" Second Life regions. Once a single claim flag has been placed on a region, treasures and resources can be found there. If you're the first one to place a flag, you're recorded in the history books as the "discoverer" of that region. See the Claim Flag for more information.
  9. Become Lord of a Region! If you have the most flags on a region, you're the lord of the region, and you'll receive resource bonuses when others find resources there. See the Claim Flag for more information.

Treasures and Resources

There are two types of things you can find when uncover an item in The Fortune Hunt: Resources and Treasures.

Resources are items you accumulate that determine your wealth in the game, such as metals like gold, gems like diamonds, natural resources like oil, or junk like bottle caps. There are 100 different resources to collect, and each has a different value. Resources are needed to level up, to unlock maps, and can be combined with treasures in order to get special treasure combinations!

Treasures are items that get delivered to you when you find them. There are 100 different treasures, and you will find a different range of treasures on each map. Treasures can be combined with resources for special achievements, and can be cast in metals, like gold and silver. You can trade treasures with your friends, and try to collect every treasure in the game!

Claim Flags

Treasures can only be found on regions that have been "discovered" with Fortune Hunt Claim flags. The Adventure HUD comes with 3 FREE Fortune Hunt Claim Flags, so you can use them to discover any 3 regions you want. You don't have to be the owner of the region in order to discover it. Or, you can place them all on the same region.

Placing more flags on a region increases the level of that region. The higher the level of a given region, the more treasures can be found there per avatar per day, up to 10 per day. Also, whoever has placed the most flags on a given region is the "Lord" of that region, and will gain resource bonuses when others discover resources there!


Your Adventure HUD has the ability to load up to 100 Fortune maps. It can also load maps created by others who have set up a Fortune Hunt Destination. Everyone starts off with the first map completed, and one piece of Map #2. In order to use Map #2, you will need to collect the other piece from another player (you can share the piece that you start out with as well).

For example, if you start out with piece #2 of Map #2, you can give that piece to all of your friends who have the Adventure HUD, and you need to find some one else who has the other half, piece #1. You can give out map pieces by pressing the 'Share' button on your Adventure HUD, then selecting the name of the person you want to give a piece to. Later maps can have up to 49 pieces! Once you collect all of the pieces of a map, you can unlock the map by spending some of the resources you collect with the previous map. Every time you unlock a map, you gain the ability to collect a new resource using that map, and you get a piece of the next map. On any given map, you might find the resource for your current map, or for any previous map, and you will find different treasures on each map as well.

You can't pass on map pieces that you've collected from others, you can only hand out the initial piece that you start out with on each map. So, in order to unlock any map, you need to do two things: collect all of the pieces from your friends, and collect enough resources on the previous map in order to unlock it. Then, press your 'Action' button, and select 'Unlock Map'.

Crews and Squads

There are two types of groups in The Fortune Hunt: crews and squads. Crews are the top-level groups, and squads are smaller sub-groups inside of crews. Crews have no limit to their size, but squads are limited to 6 people. By default, everyone starts out in the Drifter crew. If you join a crew and then later leave, you will go back to the Drifter crew. The Drifter crew does not have sub-squads. Anyone can start a new crew using their Adventure HUD. For full instructions on how to use your Fortune HUD to manage crews, please see the Adventure HUD instructions.


When you level up, you can choose from 5 different skills to level up:

  1. Max Energy: increase the max energy you can hold by 5 points. You can spend unlimited skill points on this.
  2. Max Shield: increase the max shield you can hold by 5 points. You can spend unlimited skill points on this.
  3. Dig Radius: increase your dig radius by 1 meter. Only 10 skill points can be used on this, for a maximum dig radius of 15m.
  4. XP Boost: get a +20% boost every time you get xp. You can spend 5 skill points on this, for a max xp boost of 100%, giving you double xp!
  5. Vault Space: get one additional vault space. One vault space holds a single treasure, or a single resource category. Items in your vault cannot be taken by pirates, even if your shield is at zero.


Anyone who has treasures or resources outside of their vault and has a shield below 2/3 is vulnerable to pirate attacks. If your shield is below 2/3, pirate attacks will reduce your shield. Once it has been reduced below 1/3, pirates can continue to reduce your shield by spending energy, and it's also possible for them to take your loot! Once your shield is at zero, pirates can take a treasure by spending 10 energy, and can take 1 resource per energy point that they spend, starting with resource for your most recent maps. Your shield drops by one point every 4 hours. So, if you have a full shield with a maximum of 100, it will be about 5 and a half days before you are vulnerable to pirate attacks. You can avoid pirate attacks by gaining more vault spaces to contain your treasures and resources, and you can last longer without having to refill your shield by increasing your max shield.

Still Have Questions?

If you have questions about a specific item, see the instructions in the Gear section, or you can contact us for Support! Happy hunting!