The Pirate


The Pirate makes you a loot-stealing marauder! Anyone who has resources or treasures outside of their vault, and a shield that has dropped below 2/3 is vulnerable to Pirate attacks!


The pirate comes with 4 crafted pirate items:

  • The Pirate Badge
  • Rapier Sword
  • Scimitar Sword
  • Dagger

Any of these items can be used to complete pirate attacks, and will work the same way, it is up to your preference which one you want to use. To attempt a pirate attack, first, you must select a target. You can select a target one of two ways: by selecting the name of a nearby avatar from a list, or by typing in the name of an avatar who is not present. Avatars don't need to be online in order to pirate loot from them. Once you select a target, if they're invulnerable or don't have anything to loot, you will get a message telling you this. Before attacking a target, it is wise to scan them with your Adventure HUD and see what level their shield is at. Pirate attacks will result in the following, depending on where their shield is at:

Shield Attack Result
Greater than 2/3 Invulnerable
Between 1/3 and 2/3 Shield reduced by energy of attack
Less than 1/3 Shield reduced by energy of attack, plus chance of getting loot based on final shield value.
0 Every attack results in loot. Treasure: 10 energy = 1 treasure. Resources: amount taken = energy used in attack.

You can set your pirate item to one of two modes: Treasures or Resources. In treasure mode, you will loot treasures from your victims, and in resource mode, you will loot resources from your victims. So, you can look at the profile of your intended target and decide what you want to try to loot. If the victim's shield is greater than 0, their shield will be reduced by the amount of energy you use for the attack. If their shield is at 0, a Treasure attack costs 10 energy, and you can decide how much energy to use in a Resource attack. The number of resources you get will be equal to the energy of your attack.

If in Resource mode, and your attack reduces their shield to zero, leftover energy will be used to take resources. For example, if someone has 5 shield left, and you attack with 10 energy, 5 will be used to deplete their shield, and you will receive 5 resources. The resource taken is the resource for their highest level map that isn't in the vault. For example, if they are on map #53 (Silver Bar), but their silver bars are in the vault, your pirate attack will result in Turquoise, provided it isn't in the vault and they have more than zero Turquoise.