The Adventure

The Adventure

The Adventure HUD is the essential item for participating in The Fortune Hunt. The Adventure HUD allows you to collect 100 different treasures and 100 different resources, and combine them for thousands of interesting combinations and achievements! It allows you to trade map pieces with other players to assemble 100 different treasure maps, form treasure hunting crews and squads, trade resources with others, set up and manage your online profile on, and more!

Crate Contents

Your Adventure HUD crate comes with the following:

  • The Adventure HUD
  • Stat Viewer
  • 5 Free 1-point claim flags
  • 100 Free Tokens

Quick Start

To get started right away, rez your Adventure HUD crate by dragging it from your inventory to the ground in Second Life. Right-click the crate and select 'open', then select 'copy to inventory' to copy the contents of the crate to your inventory. Find the folder in your inventory, then wear your HUD and your stat viewer by right-clicking them and selecting 'wear'. The blue arrow on your map indicates your position on your current region. Go to a spot where you want to dig and press your dig (shovel) button. You'll get some information that will lead you to a buried treasure or resource! Make sure you're wearing your stat viewer visual indications of what you've found!


Adventure HUD Diagram


To search for Fortune Hunt Treasures, just go to a position on a region and click your dig button. Your HUD will tell you an approximate distance that you are away from a treasure, and you will get a dot on your HUD at your dig position that indicates your distance by its color. Green means you're close, red means you're far away, and yellow or orange is somewhere in between. In order to dig on a given region, that region must first be discovered with a Fortune Hunt claim flag. Your Adventure HUD comes with 3 free claim flags, so you can pick 3 regions that you want to start digging on. There is a limit to the number of things you can find each day on each region with each map, and that depends on the level of the region. For more information on region levels and claim flags, see the Claim Flag instructions. If you run out of items on a given region, you can switch to a new map, or go to a new region. You can find new regions that you can dig on by selecting your Places button and selecting 'Regions'.


Your adventure HUD displays the following stats: current tokens, amount of resources for current map, experience points, shield value, and energy.


Tokens can be traded for energy or shield. One token buys 5 shield or 5 energy. You start out with 100 free tokens, and you can get more tokens in one of 3 ways: you can get a 50 token bonus if you recruit a new player by being the last person to hand them a starter map before they join the game by wearing the Adventure HUD, you can find tokens at destinations who have stored tokens in hidden objects, or you can buy tokens at the Fortune Hunt Store at Liquid Frontier.


Each dig costs one energy point, and energy can also be spent on Pirate attacks. You can trade tokens for energy, and one token buys 5 energy points. Every day, everyone gets an energy bonus just for logging in and wearing their Adventure HUD. Your energy bonus starts at 25 on day one, and for every consecutive day you log in, it increases by 1 to a maximum of 50. If you miss one day, you will start over at 25 when you log in again.

Experience Points (XP)

Experience points are gained for various things: digging, finding treasures and resources, placing claim flags, combining treasures with resources, sharing map pieces, and unlocking maps. When your XP bar fills up for your current level, you can't gain any more XP until you level up. When you are ready to level up, a 'Level Up' button should appear to the right of your XP Bar. You can also level up by selecting Actions > Level Up. If you're not ready to level up, it will tell you what you need to do to get there. Leveling up also costs some of one of the resources for the map number that matches the level. For example, the resource for map #1 is bottle caps. In order to get to level 2, you will need to fill up your xp bar, and collect at least 10 bottle caps, and you will spend these bottle caps on leveling up. To get to level 3, you will have to first unlock map #2, which will allow you to collect candy, which is spent on leveling up to level 3, and so on. Each level requires more xp and resources to be collected.


Your shield is always dropping, 1 point every 4 hours, whether you're online or not. You can trade tokens for shield, one token gives you 5 shield points. If your shield drops below 2/3, you will be vulnerable to pirate attacks. For more information on shield and pirate attacks see the Pirate.


You have four buttons to control your map: Next Map, Previous Map, New Map, and Places. The Next / Previous map buttons will cycle through the maps that you've unlocked, in order from 1-100. To go straight to a given resource map without cycling through all of them, press the New Map button, this will allow you to first select a resource category, then the resource that you want to load the map for. If you're on a parcel that is registered with the Fortune Hunt Destination System, then you will also get a button labeled "LOCAL". Press this button to load the local map and participate in the local hidden object hunt on that parcel! You should be given a clue (written by the owner of the local destination system) to find the first object. While you have a local map loaded, your dig button will just give you the clue for your current hidden object. To return your HUD to normal operation, just change to one of the Fortune Hunt Maps.

Map Pieces

To share map pieces, just click on your Share Map button, and select the name of the person you want to share a map piece with. Everyone starts out with map #1, and half of map #2. To complete map #2, everyone has to find someone else who has the other piece and trade it with them. Map #3 has 4 pieces, and later maps can have up to 49 pieces! For every map you unlock, you'll start with one piece, and this is the piece you can hand out and give to others. If the person you've selected is not a Fortune Hunt player, you will give them a copy of the Starter Map, which is a limited-feature, free version of the Adventure HUD. If you're the last person to hand them a Starter Map before they buy and wear the Adventure HUD, you'll get a 25 token bonus! To unlock a map, you need to do two things: collect all of the pieces of that map, and gather enough of the resources on your current map. So, to unlock map #2, you need to collect both pieces of it, and collect enough bottle caps, which are the resource for map #1. When you're ready to unlock a map, you should see a "Map Up" button appear to the right of your resources stat indicator. You can also unlock a map by going to Actions > Unlock Map.


The Actions button allows you to do the following: Level Up, Unlock a Map, give Resources to others, and trade tokens for energy or shield. To add energy, you can also click directly on your energy bar, or click on your shield bar to add shield. To give resources to others, they must have unlocked the map for the given resource.


You can use your settings button to resize your map on your HUD, to update your stats if you believe they may be out of sync, to manage your web account, or to manage your relationship with a Crew or Squad.

Managing Your Web Profile

To register an account with, so you can log in and edit your profile, just select Settings » Account » Register. This will register your account and give you an auto-generated password. You can change your password by selecting Settings » Account » Change Password, or reset your password to an auto-generated password by going to Settings » Account » Reset Password.

Crews and Squads

Crews are groups of unlimited size that can contain Squads within them. Squads are limited to 6 players. The default crew is Drifter Crew. Anyone can be a squad or a crew leader. A crew leader can also be a leader or a member of a squad within their own crew. To create a new crew or squad, touch the settings button on your Adventure HUD, then select Crew » Set Name or Squad » Set Name, and follow the instructions in the dialogs to set your crew or squad name.

Joining a Crew

Crews can be set to open enrollment or closed enrollment by the crew leader. If a group is open enrollment, you can join it by selecting any member of that crew using your Adventure HUD. The member of the crew you would like to join must be within 20 meters of you. Then, just go to Settings » Crew » Join, then select the name of the person whose crew you want to join.

Starting a Squad

Once you're in a crew, you can start or join a squad within that crew. Squads are smaller groups, limited to 6 people each that can compete with each other for various rankings. You can compete with other squads in your crew, or with squads from other crews. Anyone currently in a crew can start a new squad using their Adventure HUD. This is done in the same way as starting a new crew: Settings » Crew » Set Name. All squad and crew names must be unique, can contain only letters, numbers, and spaces, and must be less than 25 characters.

Transferring leadership of your crew or squad

If you are the leader of a crew or squad, you can transfer leadership to another avatar if you wish. This person must currently be a member of your crew or squad to take over leadership. A crew leader can't transfer leadership of the crew to someone who is currently in a squad within the crew. To transfer leadership, the new leader must be in the crew, but not inside of a sub-squad. For example, for a crew leader to transfer leadership to a leader of a sub-squad, the squad leader would have to transfer leadership of the squad to another member of the squad first, then they would have to leave the squad by selecting Settings » Squad » Leave, then the crew leader could transfer leadership of the crew to them.

Leaving crews or squads

If you're not the leader of a crew or squad, or if you are the only member of your crew or squad, you can leave at any time and go back to the Drifter crew. However, if you're the leader, and you have other members in your group, you must transfer leadership of the crew or squad before you can leave.

Managing your crew or squad

You have the ability to manage your crew or squad by ejecting, banning, or unbanning members using your HUD. If a crew leader eject or bans a squad leader, that squad leader will be removed from the crew entirely, and the squad will be destroyed, but the squad members will remain in the encompassing crew.