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Gumby & Pokey's

This is the Base for the Quar sky pirates, tokens and hidden treasure galore

++Amethyst Sanctum++

We are family in every sense of the word, held together by bloodlines, but not here for bloodlines, we stand by each other no matter what, hurt one of us answer to all of us.

the fang bangers

Beast Island

This Is an Adult sim yea treasure hunters must be of age

The Setites Vampire Clan

SETITES RP Group home of Victorian, Pirate, Vampires, Lycan, Bloodlines, Hunger, Destiny and KROS. Full Orientation Center Free AO , Skins , hair, clothing and many things you will need for a fun and safe SL Money Tree & Money Chests.


AdEternum Fallen Dark

AdEternum Fallen Dark Realm . Hybrid, Vampire and Lycan Realm Vampir Sanguinius Obscurus, Et mortem historiam non lonquotur...... RolePlay vampire dark Clan, FEAR? YOU ARE A VAMPIRE, Look like one, ACT LIKE ONE! YOU AREN'T ACTUALLY SCARED OF THEM AR

Nocturnal Needs

You find a very old coin while visiting your great uncles grave... it will lead you to murder, mayhem, and even through death's door! Come explore, row boats, climb rickety bridges, and obtain quality treasures on your travels! Mature + Please

T.N.C. Gaming Casino

Treasured Eternal Souls

We are a loving family with a beautiful land...come see us and enjoy!

Darkness Invoked

~~DARKNESS INVOKED~~...:Family First:...Darkness Invoked is a vampire based family who has opened it's doors to all the Creatures of the Night! We are a peaceful group welcoming all who do not wish to bring drama to our world. Est: 4/2011

AfterLife BloodBank

AfterLife BloodBank & Designs Blood @ 41.5 per liter , Lumens 42 per 10 lumens Great Prices on Blood and Lumens, apples, shots,etc vampire,blood,lycan,bank,bloodlines,vamp,gothic,sales,lumens,apples,prisms,tanks,curse, BLOOD, BLOOD BANK, Souls, Tanks Exc

JBC/HUNG Mens Clothing -Thunders Dance Club

Destiny Mausoleum

Slavers Haven

Cursed Kingdom

Liquid Labs

Pheonix Treasure Hunt

Crimson Hunters

Home Of Underworld Femmes

Welcome to Home Of the Underworld Femmes (FEMME AVIES ONLY) We are a BL Clan of blood dolls, lycans, hybrids and vamps. We embrace the feminine and accept women, futanari and shemales, mistresses or submissives, lesbian, straight, or bi.(All sexes allowe

Silent Scream

Come visit Silent Scream Haunted House. Hunt items are located all over the land! Come visit the haunted house and OMADON!!

Morlim Land

Headed by the Morlim Family the Nedi are a medieval vampire and lycan clan. Led by their Queen Dee Morlim and King Pravus Morlim both very fair understanding and generous noble leaders. Shopping,zombies,sugar shack rock club,7 seas dragon rides and more!